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Health Coach


As your Health Coach, I will help you change your thoughts, change your habits and change your body.  Most people fail to lose weight with willpower alone because they are trying to overcome deeply embedded beliefs that sabotage their success.  I will help you identify and change your self-defeating thoughts about your body to open the path to real change.  I will combine that with a healthy diet and exercise program, that will allow you to finally achieve the shape and the health that you want. 

Diet and Nutrition Author


As an author of diet and nutrition books, I have researched the latest information avaiable.  In order to bring you the most up-to-date information I pour over the science, nutrition and exercise journals.  Everybody is different and finding the right eating plan for you is critical to your success.  I will work with to find that ideal balance that allows you to maintain a healthy body and a livable life.

Personal Trainer


As your personal trainer I will show you how to exercise, how to create your own programs and how to maximize your results.  Getting lean, strong and healthy is one of the most empowering experiences in life.  Especially if you have struggeld with your weight in the past.  I know, becasue I have been there and I have overcome my beliefs and limations.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Client Reviews

Katie K. Oakton, VA

5 Stars!

John is helping me to build not only my physical muscles but the mental muscles as well. He is very compassionate and encouraging hence I love my workouts!!! I highly recommend John and his mind and body transformation makeover. Thank you John!!! !

Lauren D. Vienna, VA

5 Stars!

John is such an excellent trainer, he really knows his field and spends the time tailoring your exercise program to your specific needs. Couldn’t ask for anything more in a trainer! The BEST!!! 

Kimberly H. Reston, VA

5 Stars!  

John is helping me break the cycle of ineffective weight loss. With his help I am seeing results. I also feel like a have a friend who really cares that I succeed. Highly reccomend him. He is a pro with a holistic approach. 

Dianne R. Great Falls VA

5 Stars!    

John Griffin is amazing! He will help you set your goal and then develop a realistic exercise and meal plan to help achieve it. Since working with him I have learned so much about clean eating, how to get the most out of my work out routines, aling with living a healthier lifestyle.



Rachita V. Vienna, VA

 5 Stars! 

 I've been working with John for a few months now, and feel like I have so much more control over my body. He has helped me get AND feel stronger, pushing me bit by bit, and stepping back when he's pushed too much. I trust working with him and look forward to many more sessions. (He also listens to me jabber away, and provides fun insight.) 

Vanessa C. Reston, VA

5 Stars!

 I have been working out for about two years now and have lost 50 lbs. I recently moved to Reston and started working out with John Griffin about six months ago so I could continue my progress. John has a fully equipped gym and is very careful about tailoring my program to my strength, injuries (yes, I have some!), health issues, age (I'm old) and abilities. He is kind, patient, but not TOO kind - I definitely get a good workout. He doesn't make me feel stoopid or make me feel self-conscious, and he's very encouraging when I feel stuck in areas of my life that might make me want to just hide in a corner and definitely not work out. I definitely have more muscle tone and feel much better. He knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition and ways to lose weight. I highly recommend John! 

Omar J. Fairfax, VA

5 Stars !

Working with John has really changed my life. I was at a point where I would tell myself when at the gym, "what am I doing here." Nothing really made sense until John explained how the importance of maintaining a healthy mental state is the key to a successful physical state. He was able to uncover my needs and also provide me with a in depth detail on not only working out but also maintaining a healthy mindset and which lead to having a great diet that I enjoy instead of regret doing. I highly recommend John for any of your Fitness needs. 

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Ionela D. Vienna, VA


John is a dedicated trainer who listens carefully to your needs and personalizes an exercise and nutrition program that best fits you. It was a wonderful experience working with him 

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