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What is a Health Coach?


As a Health Coach, I can help you achieve optimum health through good nutrition and exercise. I can also help you identify the obstacles that may be holding you back. Working with you, we can develop a strategy to help you overcome your challenges so that you can thrive.

Most people will tell me in conversation that their health is more important to them than their job. Yet, when I ask them how much time they spend focusing on their health each day, they realize that their priorities are not reflected in their actions. This is a common problem. Rather than investing in the longer term benefits of being healthy, too many of us are focused on the short-term issues that confront us every day. It is a tough balancing act and one that I can help you manage.

Managing life's stresses while trying to eat nutritious foods and finding time to exercise can be difficult. On the surface, many people will tell me that it is impossible. Only when we take a closer look at how they are spending their time and what they are prioritizing to they realize that they have choices. As a coach, I help you make the choices that you know you want to make. I help you become the person that you want to be.

Mind-Body Makeover

Learn how to identify and change the self defeating beliefs that are holding you back.  Combine it with an appropriate training program and a balanced nutrion program and you can't fail.

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Answer the questions on this Lifestyle Questionnaire for yourself. See if they help you develop clarity about what you would like to achieve. Having a clear vision and setting achievable goals are essential for your success.

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