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Mind-Body Makeover

If you are serious about transforming your body, then this is the program for you. The Mind-Body Makover is designed to help you create a new lifestyle.  This is not a temporary fix like a diet.  The program will show you how to eat, exercise and hold yourseol accountable.  

Together we will address your underlying beliefs that are causing you to struggle with your weight.  We will also create a comprehensive program that includes diet, strenght training and fat loss routines.  We will also agree upon a process for holding you accountable to your goals while continusously encouraging you to succeed.  

Over the course of the program you develop a new relationship with your body.  You will understand how it feels to push your body in the gym.  You will learn how it feels to eat clean and you will see how it effects your body and your brain.  You will also examine your beliefs about weight, fitness and health.  

Pricing for this program is determined by your needs.  Rather than create a one size fits all program, I will work with you to give you exactly the support you need to succeed.  Typically these programs last for at least 12 weeks to get the best results.  Depending on your current conditioning, it may take more time to get the resulsts you desire.

Health Coaching

Getting back on a healthy track can be tough when you're trying to do it alone.  Finding your path to health and wellness is a personal journey.  It is good to have a trusted advisor who can help you past the obstacles.  You will learn how to exercise, eat and think like the person you want to be.  

Personal Training

If you just need someone to help you with your workouts, Personal Training is the right package for you.  Increasing strength and improving your cardiovascular health will help you shed fat and improve your overall health.  We can train at your location or at mine.  If you can come to me, the rates are a bit lower and I have all the equipment that we will need.  If you prefer that I come to your home or apartment gym, I can bring the necessary equipment.

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If you have questions about Personal Training or Health Coaching, I am happy to talk with you.  I enjoy helping people find their path to their own best body, even if we don't work together.  

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