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Unexpected Benefits

In 2001 I was a finalist in the "Body For Life" international body sculpting contest.  My wife and I competed in the couples category along with thousands of others from around the world.  Our goal was to lose weight and perhaps win some money.  What we got was much more valuable.    

We did not win the big money, but we did lose weight and we dramaticlly improved our appearance.  What we did not expect was just how much better we felt and how much younger we looked.  We learned that exercise is the best health insurance in the world.  We literally turned back the hands of time on our biological clocks.  Today, almost twenty years later, people are shocked to learn that we are in our mid- fifties.  When I tell them that I do Personal training in Reston, Great Falls, Mclean and Ashburn, they want to learn more.

You Can Do It Too!

You can experience greater youth and vitality too.  Neither of us were blessed with special genes.  If we can do it, anyone can. All you need is a little know how and a little motivation.  Because I have been where you are, I understand how to help you.

Now, Is The Right Time

Beginning a fitness program is like many other life changing events.  You will never be more ready than you are right now.  Making big changes is rarely convenient or easy. However, I can testify that improving your health through exercise and healthy eating is worth it.  Money cannot buy good health once chronic illness takes hold.  However, the chronic diseases that destroy peoples lives can be prevented.

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